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5 years 2 months ago Tony (not verified) MOTM Laptops

Hi Russell,

Be great to hear your thoughts on the Sifteo - and as for the sandwich they were all great very hard to choose.

Interesting comment about the laptops - schools are facing the same situation and some IT people I know are waiting to see if students start to damage their MacBooks so that they get a replacement MacBook Pro. Not that I would suggest any teachers take that step, it would be interesting to see the level of reported damaged laptops in the next few months and if there is a sudden spike.
I think DEECD did a very poor job handling the recent teacher laptop process especially around Apple products, teachers should be able to have a fair and equitable choice.

Thanks for listening and for sending in your links.

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5 years 3 months ago Russell Ogden (not verified) MOTM Sandwich

Hi Crew,

Great news on the sandwich! Thanks to Tony, Jess & Andrew. I won't be surprised if we get a few protests, I don't think mine was the Black Caviar of the sandwich world but I guess on the day it got me over the line!

On another issue, did you catch up that the Dept is rolling out MacBook Pro's to the next round of recipients? Great! People like me bought their own while Leith who I sit next to is now paying the same amount for the old MacBook as the latest recipients are for their MacBook Pro. A complete fiasco!!

Keep up the good work (I'm a couple of episodes behind but looking forward to catching up)

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5 years 6 months ago Mark Pilson (not verified) After a bit of hunting, I was

After a bit of hunting, I was able to track down the site Richard created for his workshops-
I really like the way he has set up his PD about particular tools through a series of challenges.

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5 years 6 months ago Camilla Elliott (not verified) Thanks for moderating

Thanks for moderating the second BYOD discussion Darrel and Tony, well done. It was interesting to note the interpretation of BYOD, which is were the waters get cloudy. Some people are referring to ‘BYO powerful D’ while others are referring to ‘BYO technological D’. The former is a systemic change, the latter is a classroom change. They are totally different in implementation and consequences.

BYOD in the long term is inevitable but it may not be named so bluntly. I believe that the BYOpersonalD will be driven by the distribution of textbooks with parents asked to contribute to the cost of computer hardware when they no longer have to purchase so many expensive textbooks (not that this will necessarily be the case totally as the publishers have now got their act together and are locking schools into online access). Nevertheless, up until now families have accepted the request to purchase a specific device. This is a limited phase, I believe. As parents see their students working and realise they would do better on another device e.g. iPad versus tablet versus PC, they will start to speak out. This is why we at schools need to have thought this matter through and be informing school executives.

No one size is going to fit all and I was interested to hear of the three stage model (I think Andrew Churches) -Yr 7 & 8 supplied with locked down device, Yr 9 &10 supplied with open device, Yr 11 & 12 family choice, which appears to be an extremely manageable model. It provides time for growth of knowledge, skills and confidence of all stakeholders. It provides time for all teachers to come on board by seeing the future within higher classes. It gives IT departments the time to trial and manage network access in real time. Students can gradually grow towards full responsibility and parents can become informed of the path ahead.

BYOtechnologicalD is a different situation totally. It is tied to the enthusiasm of the individual teacher who is prepared to utilise the technology in a student’s pocket. This is already happening in classrooms inside or outside school protocols. It is a growing trend that will continue to build as we realise that learning is not going to be about one device, it’s about the use of multiple devices according to suitability for the task. Students like using their mobile phones in the classroom and using them as learning devices is often a novel concept for these misnamed ‘digital natives’. This is what learning is about.

While we have personal opinions on the use of technology in education, we cannot lose sight of the fact that we’re working in an environment that has been slow to come on board but has had a boost in recent years with DER and similar funding, consequently changes are revving up. I was pleased to hear the discussion come back to pedagogy after a dangerously uninformed diversion onto school funding. It was good to hear the call to consider the struggling families who are in every system, many invisible. Overwhelmingly, the device must not dominate the learning and the model of learning device supply must be sustainable from every aspect, student, teacher, IT support, administration and family.

Thanks again for this informing discussion. Happy Christmas.

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5 years 6 months ago Ricky Pryce (not verified) I like Andrew's approach you

I like Andrew's approach you need to be able to do xyz with your device. Imagine how engaged the kids would be in the device selection pros and cons budget considerations etc getting the most bang for their buck.

BYOD is never going to be a one size fits all. But it should never be ruled out as an option.

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