Ed Tech Crew 245 - Holiday Edition

Tony and Darrel catch up for a school holiday show. They discuss Microsoft's new iOS apps, the Heartbleed SSL bug, NAPLAN testing online and lots of listener contributed links. Enjoy :)

Ed Tech Crew 244 Private Issue

Tony and Darrel get back together to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the web. They discuss new privacy laws, google data-mining students, a student defamation case, among a lot of other cool tools and some great sites from listeners.

Ed Tech Crew 243 - Tony In Da Shed!

A rare event with this podcast Tony and Darrel get together in Mildura f2f for some discussion and chat around ICT in Education. Tony was able to see first hand the shed Darrel normally calls home when recording and also got the opportunity to bring out his trampoline engineering skills.

Ed Tech Crew 242 - Hangin with me PLN

It's the start of another school year and Tony and Darrel have lots to catch up on! The discussion covers holiday adventures,  cloud solutions for tablets, new security threats, new tools, listener feedback and a whole lot more.  What a great start to the year - enjoy :)

Ed Tech Crew 241 - Interview with Adrian Bruce

In this episode we catch up with Adrian Bruce who we first interviewed in 2009. We discuss his journey creating and developing a new website for his educational content at goteachthis.com. This is another episode in our 2013/2014 summer series of podcasts recorded with passionate educators that have taken the step into the world of app and idea development.

Ed Tech Crew 240 - Interview with Adam Bellow @adambellow from Educlipper

Tony and Darrel had the opportunity to talk with Adam Belows the founder and developer of EduClipper. This is another episode in out 2013/2014 summer series of podcasts recorded with passionate educators that have taken the step into the world of app and idea development.

Ed Tech Crew 238 - Xmas Google Hangout

For the final week of the Ed Tech Crew in 2013 we have a Google Hangout with a fantastic crew of invited guests. Our topic for the night is:

A new teacher is asking for advice about being a newly appointed ICT coordinator. What would you tell them?

A great discussion follows as well as our highlights for 2013 and what we are looking forward to for 2014. Enjoy!

Ed Tech Crew 237 - I Do Real Work On A Computer

Tony and Darrel have an interesting discussion about the application of technology in learning. Tony has moved out of his toilet and started to get his audio sorted, whilst Darrel has made some movement towards seeing the potential of iPads to do some real work :-). Lots of links from our listeners and a few good videos to check out.

Ed Tech Crew 236 - The Pulsed Finger

We're back! Tony's finally home and we manage to catch up for a great discussion on a wide variety of topics. We explore Apple's iOS updates, new ipads, and Mavericks not playing well with Google Mail. We talk about some great Google stuff like custom search in the omnibar and how to leave audio feedback on Google docs. And of course we always have great listener feedback and website as well as a special 5 minute summary fron Aaron Davis about the GAFE sumit in Melbourne recently. Enjoy :)


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