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4 years 1 month ago tony Darrel Refresh

Wayne,  I think we are all interested in the process and work Darrel is doing. Sometimes sounds like he is having too much fun and at other times banging head against the wall.


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4 years 1 month ago tony Thanks

Mick, Thanks for those words. Amazing how things have become a little busier which has changed out ability to get  a podcast out each week. We just love the feedback and connections with people like you and that keeps us going.

Will continue to do our best to make your walk a little warmer and entertaining.


The Crew

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4 years 1 month ago @wayne7272 (not verified) tech refresh

hi boys - thanks, another informative podcast. i'm interested to keep following Darrell's challenge with the tech refresh - especially the parent survey and the 'work flow' from there.

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4 years 1 month ago Mick Prest (not verified) Keep 'em lean, keep em' keen!!!

I find this old adage really appropriate with the podcast at the moment. I loved it when you guys managed every week but I sort of took it for granted .. sometimes I didn't listen for a week or so and if I missed the odd one it wasn't the end of the world .. but now!!!!! Will they?? .. Won't they?? ... is something wrong?? what will I do if they stop making them???!!! Watching the Podcast App each morning first thing like a seafarer's wife scanning the horizon!! A new one brushes aside those NPR "fancy pants" as I put my shoes on with relish, eagerly anticipating a (cold!) walk around Ashfield Park with two great guys!! Keep up the good work!!

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4 years 2 months ago tony Great feedback

Hey Ian,

Thanks for the feedback and the consideration about the dodgy infographic. Interesting point you make about the idea of peer review and who actually would do this. I have been planning and building for a while some ideas around the porcess of validating people online and building a social reputation structure based on other people. This has got me thinking even more - thanks for the time and effort.


Tony (for the Crew)

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4 years 2 months ago Ian (@IaninShef... (not verified) Dodgy infographic? ... Maybe

You're right Tony. There are some aspects of that infographic that ought to be addressed, not least the veracity of the contents. And as for the sources cited, yep, with you all the way. But peer-reviewed journals? Hmm, not so sure.
Here are a few thoughts:

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4 years 5 months ago Anonymous (not verified) I really really hope he makes

I really really hope he makes a Plague Inc. 2. The first one was easily my favorite game app. Not perfect, but so damn close.

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5 years 2 weeks ago Tony from ITmad... Thanks for listening

Hi Adele and Mick,


Thanks for leaving a comment and a BIG FAT welcome to you Adele to podcasts - I hope you find many more to listen too and even get a husband and wife one going with Adam.

Mick thanks for the comments we really appreciate you taking the time to drop us a line and glad that the audio pulled things together. I like the idea of catching up with past guests and we have played around with that a few times but have just not done anything about it. I think we might just get is sorted for the end of the year as a way to keep people going over the christmas break.

We hope both your holidays are going well and thanks for listening.


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5 years 2 weeks ago Mick Prest (not verified) General Praise!!

Hi guys. I have just listened to 203 while walking around the park in the dark this morning!! Thanks for the good work! Being holidays I felt I should send a little feedback! I find you show really helpful in giving me just enough stimulus to keep me humming along (if I ever should find there is not enough I can always spend a couple of years trawling through John Pearce's links on the Diigo Group!!). Listening to 203 reminded me how important the audio (obviously enhanced by your questioning technique and rapport with the Interviewees!!). The previous day I had gone onto the website and simply looked at a few links but there was nothing to keep me on task. After listen to the audio today I realised how much is "coloured in" by your connection with the people you talk to and the thinks you draw out about them. As always, you will really follow up on someone if you think they will be interesting and that comes from the "human connection via the audio. Thanks again for all the good work! A possible section for the future ... I have really appreciated being "introduced" to many of the interesting people who work in the areas we do. I reckon you could run a section where we "catch up" with some of these good people. People like Jess, Jarrod, Dean Groom etc. etc. I know it could be a lot more work for you to arrange to interview these people but maybe they could simply do an Audio file that addresses "What have I been up to lately" ... still it is always better when you interview them, you have a good knack of asking just the right questions! ust a thought and thanks again!


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5 years 2 weeks ago Adele Brice (not verified) Fantastic, loved it!

Fantastic, loved it! Embarrassed to say its the first podcast I've listened to, really enjoyed it and will be tuning in again;)

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