Episode 213 - It's not the power tool it once was!

Podcast number 213 - Month October 29th, 2012.
[Running time: 53:24 mins, size: 36.8 MB]

News & Updates

Diigo Domain Hijacked - the lack of access - backing up bookmarks for safe keeping
Windows 8 and Surface - The surface Movements http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=8mSckyoAMHg
Apple Updates - Mini and iMacs 
'Too controversial' schools lecture invitation dropped
Interactive Images
Google Ad Word Tool
Skype 6.0 for Mac - Facebook and Microsoft Account integration
Wolfram Alpha - Facebook
Cybersafety with the students - what an amazing activity Huge day
The Enemy
Charlie Higson
Thanks to Kel @KelMontano from last TeachMeet
Ian Guest
Open Source Badges
Microsoft ebooks
Shelley Terrell
Loads of online image tools.
See the diigo group. 
Russell Ogden - Collecting work on an ipad


Minecraft Gangnam Style
One Very Proud Dad
Empty Amercia - San Francisco
Explore a Google Data Centre
Videos from the Geelong TeachMeet
Books and the Age of Enhanced Reality @markomeara
7 Tools in 7 minutes @melcashen

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