Ed Tech Crew 78 - An Interview with Krystie Alleaume

Podcast number 78 - March 12th 2009

[EDTECHCREW078.mp3 Running time: 38:37 mins, size: 17.8 MB]

Download it here!

Interview with Krystie Alleaume - eLearning Coach - Hume Region DEECD

Online Japanese speech contest: http://www.jsa-australia.org
With One Work: http://www.withonework.innov8collabor8.net
Sharepoint templates http://icttoolkit.wikispaces.com

Other Links

Joomla components - http://onestopjoomla.com
Joomla themes - http://rocketthemes.com
http://www.yacapaca.com - under Authoring, search for and join the 'DEECD - eLearning' group to start sharing resources with other Victorian teachers.

Valhalla chat - Bluetooth chat - works on Linux, Mac, Windows XP and mobile phones - http://www.download.com/Valhalla-Chat/3000-2150_4-10575813.html

Darrel's twitter links
Search twitter ... http://twitterfall.com

Welcome to the Hive Mind; Learn How to Search Twitter

How to Present While People are Twittering

Online Video Conversion submitted by tmether http://delicious.com/tmether

Wayne Ellington

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Darren Murphy
1:1 (Laptop) Initiatives http://www.shambles.net/pages/learning/ict/1to1laptop

Russel Montgomery - Online diagram, flow chart software - Draw Anywhere

And social networking via video

World First 3D math video lesson


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