Ed Tech Crew 72 - Christmas Special - our titter group

Podcast number 72 - December 15th 2008

[EDTECHCREW072.mp3 Running time: 1 hour 13 mins, size: 50.5 MB]

Download it here!

Links for tonight's episode ...

Most productive web2.0 tool

Tony - http://diigo.com
Deb - http://deilicious.com
Darren - http://twitter.com , students - google apps
Mark -  http://gliffy.com
Jill -  wikis - http://wikispaces.com
Darren - Paul - Podcasting
Darrel - http://wordpress.org
Chris - Delicious, Wikis, http://voicethread.com, GDocs (and how could I have forgotten Twitter!)

Most collaborative web 2.0 tool
All the above of the most productive
Tony - Google Docs, Forms, presentations
Chris - http://voicethread.com
Darren - http://mindmeister.com, http://textflow.com
Darrel - Twitter example - http://monitter.com
Mark - http://basecamp.com
Deb - http://zoho.com
Most useless web 2.0 tool -

  • Deb - http://www.elfyourself.com
  • Sometimes tools that seem a bit "useless" on their own can be made far more useful thanks to the Embed code that lets them be combined with other things. For example, Slideshare's usefulness is increased by the fact that it can be embedded into a blog or a wiki.  Twitter or Delicious combined with RSS makes it more powerful.  Embedding YouTube videos, etc and being able to pull resources all into whatever place makes sense adds great value to tools.

Any other online tool that is worthy of a mention .....

Darren - Wordle - word clouds http://www.wordle.net/ & Visual thesarus http://www.visualthesaurus.com/

What will web 3.0 be.............

Chris - The Semantic Web, where the tags and metadata of the web's resources start to become self organising, so that the information out there is self-aware

Internet Censorship Campaign


Chris' links

Getting Started “I Like Delicious Things: An Introduction to Tagging and Folksonomies”

Darrel links
Wordpress 2.7 blogging platform

Darren's Typing website

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