Ed Tech Crew 47 - 2008 ICTEV Conference roundup

Podcast number 47 - May 30th 2008

[EDTECHCREW047.mp3 Running time: 1:09:07 mins, size: 31.7 MB]

Download it here!


Ed Tech Crew survey

This episode of the Ed Tech Crew was recorded at the ICTEV Conference held in Melbourne on the 24th May. The following are the sites referenced in our interviews and discussion - for more information about the conference please visit the conference site:

ICTEV - http://www.ictev.vic.edu.au/

Pico Cricket - http://www.picocricket.com/

Anne Mirtschin - http://murcha.wordpress.com/

Jess McCulloch - http://www.technolote.com/

Epsom Primary School - http://www.epsomps.vic.edu.au/

Brain Twizzler - http://members.tripod.com/rv6/brain_twizzler.html

Hawkesdale School - http://hawkesdale.globalstudent.org.au

OLPC http://olpc.org.au

Jo McLeay - http://theopenclassroom.blogspot.com

Twitter - http://www.twitter.com

Westall Secondary College - http://www.westallsc.vic.edu.au/

Roland Gesthuizen - http://plakboek.livejournal.com/

Lauren O’Grady - http://ogrady.globalteacher.org.au/

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