Ed Tech Crew 39 - Collaboration tools, Twitter, Diigo & "Game on"

Podcast number 39 - April 8th 2008

[EDTECHCREW039.mp3 Running time: 46:34 mins, size: 21.4 MB]

Download it here!

Air Gun link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTVttNST2qU
Darwin Awards: http://www.darwinawards.com/

Slav Conference: http://www.slav.schools.net.au/slav.html

Will's site - http://weblogg-ed.com

Google Docs
Apps - http://www.google.com/a/
Sites - http://sites.google.com

Diigo Blog - http://khokanson.blogspot.com/2008/03/dig-ging-diigo.html

Tony - Game On - Exhibition http://itmadesimple.typepad.com/learning_thinking_playing/2008/04/game-on-exhibit.html
Crayon Physics - http://itmadesimple.typepad.com/learning_thinking_playing/2008/03/crayon-physics.html

Twitter - A Teaching and Learning Tool - http://tbarrett.edublogs.org/2008/03/29/twitter-a-teaching-and-learning-tool/#comment-2652

Twiddla - http://www.twiddla.com/

Skype Plugins - Yugma Team Collaboration- https://extras.skype.com/1003/view

Twitter ???? - Edmono http://www.edmodo.com/

Inside Google - tools we may see :: "The Tools Google Uses Internally" - http://blogoscoped.com/archive/2008-03-12-n39.html

Google Finally Launches Offline Access for Docs

Inside Teaching - http://gallery.carnegiefoundation.org/insideteaching

Wii Fit Oz release date - 8th may (before the US)

MMORPGs in Schools: The Shift Ahead - http://edtechlife.com/?p=1979

Kahootz 3 - launched an set to hit Aussie schools http://www.kahootz.com

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