Ed Tech Crew 31 - where's the flip!

Podcast number 31 - Feb 12th 2008

[EDTECHCREW031.mp3 Running time: 36:04 mins, size: 16.6 MB]


Download it here!


Stop sharing spreadsheets, start collecting information - http://googledocs.blogspot.com/2008/02/stop-sharing-spreadsheets-start.html

Writing a book in Google Docs - http://blogoscoped.com/archive/2008-01-23-n82.html

Music Player as Browser - http://www.songbirdnest.com/screencast

Google Docs in Plain English from Common Craft

Human body tour - http://www.visiblebody.com/

That SBS TV show

Xmoto - http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/games/simulation_and_sports/xmoto.html

Armadillo Run - http://www.armadillorun.com/

Need to get access to a Flip - http://theflip.com/index_flip.shtml

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