Ed Tech Crew 250 - Can you hear

Podcast number 250 - 14th July  2014.

[Running time: 1:43.42 mins, size: 149.5 MB]

We take the time to run a hangout with some friends to chat and talk about developments over the last seven years, we were joined by:

  • Mick Prest (@mickprest)
  • Jenny Ashby (@jjash)
  • Lois Smedhurst (@loisath)
  • John Pearce (@mrpbps)
  • Andrew Williamson (@willie42)
  • Aaron Davis (@mrkrndvs)

Also included in this episode are interviews with people from the Slide2Learn conference held in Sydney recently:

  • Henrietta Miller (@henriettaMi)
  • Adele Brice (@adelebrice)
  • Lois Smethurst (@loisath)
  • Michael Graffin (@mgraffin)
  • Andrew Churches (@achurches)
  • Tony Vincent (@tonyvincent)


We would like to thank all our listeners, all our guests, all those that provided links to the Diigo group and especially to our wonderful families that have supported us over the past 7 years.


Tony & Darrel 


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