Ed Tech Crew 244 Private Issue

Podcast number 244 - 17th March  2014.

[Running time: 46:32 mins, size: 67 MB]

News & General Websites of interest:

Reading Danah Boyds Book - “It’s Complicated”
You can buy it or get it free http://www.danah.org/itscomplicated/
The web turned 25 last week 12th March 
http://www.webat25.org/ check out what the web look liked old school http://archive.org/web/
Digital Life in 2025 Pew Internet
25 things you might not know about the web on its 25th birthday
Apple ID for Students - America Only
Apple Device Enrolment Program - not sure how it will work in Australia?
Great Census tool from the ABC
Give A Gonski
Google Add-ons
Making Sense of Data
GAFE - privacy
Google Under Fire for Data-Mining Student Email Messages
Google Latest Privacy Statement
Australian Privacy laws have Changed
Get off my cloud: when privacy laws meet cloud computing
Mansfield High School student Marcus Brown who was suspended for having a mobile phone in his bag has received no sympathy from the Education Minister

Feedback from listeners:

John Pearce
Twitter Tweachers List
$105,000 defamation case
Wayne Eglinton
MIT App Inventor 
Roland Gesthuizen - Pi-mania?
Rhonda Powling - Digital Citizen Resource Template
Apps & Software:
Via John Pearce


GAFE Sydney summit: http://sydney.gafesummit.com/
Conference presentations expressions of interest close 31st march
Conference 25th & 26th July
March 19th - 25th
MOOC for implementing the Australian Curriculum Learning Area "Digital Technologies" by University of Adelaide http://ow.ly/qFRBq

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