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Ed Tech Crew 244 Private Issue

Podcast number 244 - 17th March  2014.

[Running time: 46:32 mins, size: 67 MB]

News & General Websites of interest:

Reading Danah Boyds Book - “It’s Complicated”
You can buy it or get it free
The web turned 25 last week 12th March check out what the web look liked old school
Digital Life in 2025 Pew Internet
25 things you might not know about the web on its 25th birthday
Apple ID for Students - America Only
Apple Device Enrolment Program - not sure how it will work in Australia?
Great Census tool from the ABC
Give A Gonski
Google Add-ons
Making Sense of Data
GAFE - privacy
Google Under Fire for Data-Mining Student Email Messages
Google Latest Privacy Statement
Australian Privacy laws have Changed
Get off my cloud: when privacy laws meet cloud computing
Mansfield High School student Marcus Brown who was suspended for having a mobile phone in his bag has received no sympathy from the Education Minister

Feedback from listeners:

John Pearce
Twitter Tweachers List
$105,000 defamation case
Wayne Eglinton
MIT App Inventor 
Roland Gesthuizen - Pi-mania?
Rhonda Powling - Digital Citizen Resource Template
Apps & Software:
Via John Pearce


GAFE Sydney summit:
Conference presentations expressions of interest close 31st march
Conference 25th & 26th July
March 19th - 25th
MOOC for implementing the Australian Curriculum Learning Area "Digital Technologies" by University of Adelaide

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