Ed Tech Crew 242 - Hangin with me PLN

Podcast number 241 - date 8th Feb 2014.

[Running time: 58:46 mins, size: 84.8 MB]

News & General Websites of interest:

Tony's photo meetup http://www.lyndensmith.com/
From our last hangout podcast ….
Tips for the ICT Co-ordinator
Interesting article in The Age about iPads in Education - check out the comments as well:
Map of the Internet
Google Activity Streams
Simon Crook @simoncrook
Build with Chrome - lego construction in chrome
Chrome Extension Security - this is a must have….
Extension defender
Snapchat - Hacked (just check your details) Mainly US based 
Can Minecraft Teach Kids to code (we need to have this debate about coding)

Feedback from listeners:

Ian Guest - Academic Torrents
Google Drive to teach coding 
"Google Research group that explores how information visualization can make complex data accessible, useful, and even fun. Our work includes public and Google-internal projects. Here is some of our public work. "
John Pearce - Unhangout
Embeddable widgets
Filter Image Results
Camilla Elliot - Pearson & Makerversity
Russell Ogden - RSA Style Animation Howto 


Apps & Software:
Heads Up $0.99
The Room 2
Educlipper Update - 
gDrive - 
Tools4Students2 $0.99
Thanks to Greg Swanston @GregDSwanson for point me at this great site for my kids - actually any kids


Safer Internet Day 11th Feb 2014

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