Ed Tech Crew 24 - Kids Congress, Guest Speaker and other ICT topics

Podcast number 24 - November 13th 2007

[EDTECHCREW024.mp3 Running time: 55:44 mins, size: 51.1 MB]


Download it here!

Guest speaker
Mark Richardson
ICT coordinator - Williamstown Primary School

"MacSchools.Net is a network of Information & Communication Technology [ICT] educators from the Western Metropolitan Region of Melbourne, Australia, who use the Macintosh platform in schools."

ePotential survey: http://epotential.education.vic.gov.au/

Powerful Learning: Knowledge Bank Online Conference

General topics of interest and in the news ...

Games Expo
Kids Congress
iPod Touch

VITTA Conference
XNA Guru: http://xnamelbournepeteisensee.events.live.com/default.aspx

The new Zune 80 is out ... better than an ipod classic?
Check here for a comparison:

Go digital or lose out, teachers told

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