Ed Tech Crew 238 - Xmas Google Hangout

Podcast number 238 - 20th Dec  2013.
[Running time: 1:17:08 mins, size: 106.5 MB]
The video recording is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__BTaOIT_dk
Unfortunately we dropped out at the 56 minute but the podcast is longer!

Hang Out Topic:

A new teacher is asking for advice about being a newly appointed ICT coordinator. What would you tell them?

Final Questions

  • What has been a highlight for you in 2013?
  • What are you planning to achieve in 2014?


Name: Mel Cashen
Twitter handle: @melcashen
Name: Aaron Davis
Twitter handle @mrkrndvs
My post on the matter …
Name: Mick Prest
Twitter handle @mickprest
Name:Lois Smethurst
Twitter handle @loisath
Name: Darren Murphy
Head of ICT Hall school London.
Name: Roland Gesthuizen
Twitter handle @rgesthuizen
Name: Ashley Proud
Twitter handle @ashleyproud

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