Ed Tech Crew 237 - I Do Real Work On A Computer

Podcast number 237 - 30th November 2013.

[Running time: 58:39 mins, size: 40.3 MB]

News & General Websites of interest:

Double Robotics
How Politics, Race, and Socioeconomic Status Affect Parents' Fears About Tech
‘Selfie’: the interplanetary Word of the Year 2013
10 great selfie moments given that the word of the year is selfie

Feedback from listeners:

And Computers Not So Smart - Read the comments!
Teenagers say goodbye to Facebook and hello to messenger apps
GAFE Summit Resources
Hangouts on Air
Simple content creation
"You are teaching a class and want to collect feedback at the beginning of the class to see whether everyone is on the same page. You can do tests, collect them and grade them, or you can use quizsocket. You get instanteneous feedback about problems. As a teacher you learn what was difficult to understand in the last class and can immediately react"
Easy designs

Apps & Software:

Touch docs


Basics of blended learning
Goolge Portofolios on an iPAd
Our World in 2 Minutes
Teen with Stammer

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