Ed Tech Crew 234 - An Interview with Ian Guest

Podcast number 234 - 26th September  2013.

[Running time: 1:26:25 mins, size: 62.4 MB]

Interview with Ian Guest:

Twitter: @IaninSheffield
Follow-up links from Ian:
Pedagoo - “Pedagoo is a growing community of teachers collaboratively supporting, encouraging and sharing innovative and effective approaches to education. We aim to improve educational outcomes for our young people through positively and professionally sharing our practice.”
Edutalk - “EDUtalk encourages people to talk about education, using mobile and web technologies. The idea is that anyone can join in and post audio snippets to the site.”
Computing at School - “The Computing at School (CAS) Working Group aims to promote the teaching of computer science at school. CAS was born out of our excitement with our discipline, combined with a serious concern that many students are being turned off computing by a combination of factors that have conspired to make the subject seem dull and pedestrian.”
#ukedchat - “ukedchat was developed on the back of the successful weekly #edchat hashtag which was very popular globally, but concentrated on a U.S.A. perspective and at times not best suited for a U.K. audience.”
The Infinite Monkey Cage - “Award winning science/comedy chat with Brian Cox, Robin Ince and guests. Witty, irreverent look at the world according to science with physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince. “
CPD - thinking outside of the box … and onto the bus - were we talking about CPD and podcasts?
#ukedchat - Blog post

Interview Links 

Code Club
Out of School
The Infinite Monkey Cage

Feedback from listeners:

Rhonda Powling - SAMR - SAMR Model applied to every day Apps used in the classroom
iOS 7 Education - John Pearce
Bounce - Ian Guest
Open Dyslexic - Ian guest
Nothing beats the real thing - Heather Bailey
10 amazing uses for Wolfram Alpha - John Pearce
Quandary - Ashely Proud
No Child Left Untableted (NY Times)
Education Reform: There's NOT An App For That (Forbes)
Why Minecraft is more than just another video game
A School With No Teachers, Where Students Teach Themselves

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