Ed Tech Crew 233 - The Little Pill

Podcast number 233 - 11th September  2013.

[Running time: 48:24 mins, size: 33.4 MB]

News and Websites

Galileo from MOTRR
A Copyright Tale
via @mrkrndvs (A Davis)
Change.org Petition
"The Liberal Party of Australia: Reconsider your plan for a 'FTTN' NBN in favour of a superior 'FTTH' NBN."
CloudConvert Beta
Interesting blog post with attached comments
“What the iPad Is and What it Isn’t”

Feedback from listeners:

Shelley Terrell - Minecraft
John Pearce - Google’s 15th Birthday
Analyze your audio to achieve a professional quality
Chrome Books
Google Folders for Students
Web 2.0 for under 13’s
Ian Guest - Github for Writers
Narissa Leung - IT Rubrics
Rhonda Powling - PD Resources

Apps & Software:



Watch this video - I forgot my Phone
Just watch this one - no words can describe it from John burns @j0hnburns
What did the Fox Say?
"We Are The Miners" - A Minecraft Parody of Queen's We Are The Champions (Music Video)

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