Ed Tech Crew 226 - Doing our Homework

Podcast number 226  May 17th?  2013.

[Running time: 52:08 mins, size: 37.7 MB]

News & General Websites of interest:

Scringo - Social SDK for Mobile 
Ed Tech Crew Magazine - http://goo.gl/imu6r
Via Rachal Bath
Google updates storage

Feedback from listeners:

Via Darren Murphy
Jihn Dawe as Malcolm Turnbull talks about the Liberal parties broadband plan. Something to look forward to.
Rhondda Powling - Digital Citizenship
John Pearce - GDrive extensions
And the browser
Google Apps in Education
Roland Gesthuizen - Glass Hacks
Russell Ogden - Google Maps
Rachael Bath - Dictation
Ian Guest - Interactive Timeline
Tony Richards - Date types added to Google forms
Vintage Social Networking Image

Apps & Software:

Programming/Logic/Problem solving type Apps
And one for everybody... Book Creator


The History of Typography
Ian Quartermaine
World Scratch Day May 18th
ICTEV May 25th 

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