Ed Tech Crew 224 - We've seen the Future

Podcast number 224 -  April 25th  2013.

[Running time: 52:01 mins, size: 37.6 MB]


News & General Websites of interest:

Check out the Ed Tech Crew Magazine
The Ed Tech Crew Diigo group
Google Glass - heading out to Developers
Google Glass - Australian Privacy Battle
What Will Google Glass Do to Our Brains?
Google Glass - unboxing
Twitter Music
Tech helping those with Hearing Impairments
Bit Torrent Sync

Feedback from listeners:

Jarrod Robinson - QR Code Chrome Extension
Clay Leben - Opensource Mobile Learning Patform 
Shelley Terrell
Ian Guest - Paper Folding
John Pearce - Wireless networks
Voice Comments on Google Docs
This does not work for me - have some issues....
Kids Coding


Via John Pearce
Good to see red squirrel numbers are up.

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