Ed Tech Crew 218 - Admiral Branson Levels Up

Podcast number 218 - Feb 4th, 2013.

[Running time: 1:04:40 mins, size: 46.7 MB]


News & General Websites of interest:

Tony is Google certified ...
MOTM13 in two weeks - places still available..... http://www.motmedu.org/
Computer Science Unplugged http://csunplugged.org/ 
Google - Update to Forms
Victorian Government testing the Internet waters:
The Rise of Google Play
Lois Smethhurst - Great starter activity - Audio biographies using Tagxedo
Dean Groom - Why Windows Surface will replace iPads in Schools
Ed Tech Crew listed in 50 Top podcasts to listen too:

Feedback from listeners:

The Twitter Distortion Field (Camilla Elliot)
Safer Internet Day - Tuesday 5th Feb 
Theme - 'Online rights and responsibilities'
11 Facebook Updates to Privacy and Timeline (Rhonda Powling)
QR Code Periodic Table of Elements (Ian Guest)
Top 10 Online Game Based Learning Communities (Shelly Terrell)
Build your own online Class - Wordpress Plugin (John Pearce)
Make Google Reader your Sharing Powerhouse (Andrew Williamson)
Compounded - Chemistry Game on Kickstarter (Tony)
Documentary: Minecraft - The Story of Mojang


First World Problems
Liquid keyboard
Disney Animation
Exploring YouTube Annotations


MOTM Edu - 16th & 17th Feb Places Available
ICTEV - Conference 25th May
VITTA - Call for conference Presenters
12th & 13th August 2013

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