Ed Tech Crew 216 - Nexus 7 finally arrives

Podcast number 216 - December 3rd, 2012.

[Running time: 43:42 mins, size: 31.6 MB]


News & General Websites of interest:

ITMadesimple site for the student cyber safety day - https://sites.google.com/a/itmadesimple.com/cybersafety-day/home
Mozilla - Annual Report (worth a look)
Last Episode of the Ed Tech Crew 2012 - Google Hangout Open Mic - Join Us
Sunday 9th Dec 2012 at 9:00pm EST Australian Time
Social Media 2012

Feedback from listeners:

John Pearce - Google Maps for Teachers
Clay Leben - Collaboration / Project Management
Presentations online - RVL.io (Ian Guest)
Gwigle Game
Teaching Channel (Wayne Egglington)
50 Popular iPad Apps For Struggling Readers & Writers (Shelly Terrell)
50 Apps that we are Most Thankful for (Rhondda Powling)
Minecraft Reality
PEW Research - 
How Teens Do Research in the Digital World
Why Khan Academy is the Wrong Answer (John Pearce)
Blog post from Andrew Campbell
Kill the Password
Pixabay - Public Domain Images


Parent Trap
Learn iBooks Author
The Known Universe


ICTEV - 2013 Conference Call for Paper

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