Ed Tech Crew 201 - Two Zero One

Podcast number 201 June  20th, 2012.

[Running time: 1:05:40 mins, size: 56.6 MB]


Build your own interactive spaces (check out http://www.po-motion.com/)
Cloud webdav storage - http://www.otixo.com 
TeachMeet Link with Video Recording
Horizon Report 2012
All Catholic Schools around the world going Live - Office 365
6.5 million passwords leaked
Linked In - Check if you were hacked - http://leakedin.org/
Found another great podcast: The Digital Human
500 Free Courses Online:

Feedback from listeners:

Russell Ogden 
How Digital Learning is Boosting Achievement
Ian Guest - Hypocrisy in the Profession of Education
Before You Ban: Empirical Data on Student Laptop Use
Shane Roberts  - Visible Thinking
John Pearce
Blockly Programming with Google


Copyright Law: Forever Less One Day
ICTEV YouTube Channel - from the conference:


TEDx Melbourne Event: Educational Leadership
VITTA Conference
Slide2Learn Conference

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