Ed Tech Crew 195 - The Fisherman's Friend

Podcast number 195 - April 17th, 2012.

[Running time: 42:24 mins, size: 37.2 MB]



View trailer here http://goo.gl/DdVHE
Another Kickstart venture - Galilieo http://goo.gl/j4Yft
Audiobook “The Hunger Games” 
Failure of the OLPC?

Feedback from listeners:

Andrew Williamson - GarageBand for iPad Tips | Midnight Music
Russell Ogden - British Library - Sounds
Ian Guest - Science Podcasts & Talk shows
John Pearce - Chrome Extensions for Students
Digital Differences - 
Shane Roberts - Has been coding?


Roland Gesthuizen - Playing 4 Real
Ian Guest - Electro City
Journey - PlayStation network same makers as Flower 
Construct 2 - HTML Game Making

Apps & Software:


TED Talk Video - Marco Tempest (Augmented reality with Magic)
Watch the video and then watch again with sound off - just to get an idea of the flow and style with physical movements with presentation.


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