Ed Tech Crew 190 - As we see it & Danah Boyd Presentation

Podcast number 190 - Month Feb 16th, 2012.

[Running time: 2:09:44 mins, size: 107.3 MB]

News & General Websites of interest:

Request from Listener:

Stuart Napier (stuart.napier at gmail.com) is after for the best classroom management
iPad apps.
24 Things you should know - http://www.20thingsilearned.com/en-US

The Year of calling it as it is!

Teach Meets
New official(?) site for teach meets http://www.teachmeet.net 
Chris Betcha - Be Better 

Feedback from listeners:

Maha Abdelmaaboud - Online diagramming & collaboration tool
John Pearce - Evernote for schools
Google Earth
The Brain Storming Myth
Darrel Branson - http://trunk.ly for aggregating links.
Roland Gesthuizen - Teach Paperless
Russell Ogden - 13 Reasons Why Digital Learning is Better
Games in Science Education
Darren McCarty - The Presidents Game
Ian Guest - How to fix any computer
Tony Richards
Microsoft OneNote Comes to the Android Market
Reynold Redekopp - Horizon Report 2012 - Higher Ed


Rhondda Powling - Motion Soup: The Best Animation, VFX, Motion Graphics on Vimeo.
Roland Gesthuizen - LayerWise builds world's first complete lower jaw implant


Via Simon Crook
Sydney TeachMeet on 2nd March at Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh.
People can register via the wiki http://tmsydney.wikispaces.com/, flyer also attached. 
MOTM12 - Places still available for people to sign up and come along for something exciting and different - we would love to see people there. http://www.meeting-ofthe-minds.com/ 
25th - 26th Feb at Quantum Victoria.


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