Ed Tech Crew 189 - A Safer Internet Day

Podcast number 189 - February 11th, 2012.
[Running time: 36:06 mins, size: 24.9 MB]
News & General Websites of interest:
What are your plans and goals for yourself and your students this year?
Twitter: @edtechcrew
Email: edtechcrew@gmail.com
Skype: edtechcrew

Safer Internet day “Connecting Generations” - Some links
Google Family Tools - http://www.google.com.au/familysafety/
Firefox Security - http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/security/
Microsoft - http://www.microsoft.com/security/resources/sid.aspx

Main site: http://www.saferinternet.org/web/guest/safer-internet-day
Aust Government Site: http://www.cybersmart.gov.au/SID2012.aspx

Google Ad preferences (Check your age based on your browser cookies) - https://www.google.com/settings/ads/onweb/?hl=en&sig=ACi0TCiWLXaCENk4rJZcuBC41cB7NFwNzXcsm95CHZAa34RfMrdj_fhx0zsHmRn--Big5pZ185BaQqLSbAuOVWlP9DOq45xue61PA5KJdhYp9GmQYctqj9O9lL_hNtkxidZUm6mwEfpUGZLn6s9-ig4NjUsivEVM6MQ9YEd3iOunA-KWtzILTNs&hl=en

Google Chrome Extension - Disconnect

Twitter Hash tag to follow #SID2012

Teachers Warned about Social Networking - http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/more-news/online-with-kids-is-out-teachers-warned/story-fn7x8me2-1226258853860
DEECD - Social Media Advice for Teachers and Staff

Torrents exploring 3D Printing

More for the typography nerds - Google webfonts http://google.com/webfonts
For wordpress http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-google-fonts/
For Drupal http://drupal.org/project/fontyourface

Feedback from listeners:

Watch know Learn
http://www.watchknowlearn.org/ (John Pearce)

Electric Circuits Interactive
http://www.andythelwell.com/blobz/guide.html (Ian Guest)

National Novel Writing Month (Roland Gesthuizen)

An iPad idea a day
http://ipad366.posterous.com/ (Russell Ogden)

Peace Corps - An interactive game (Shelley Tyrell)

BYOD Chat (Steve Hayes)

A day made of Glass: Unpacked

MOTM12 - Places still available for people to sign up and come along for something exciting and different - we would love to see people there. http://www.meeting-ofthe-minds.com/
25th - 26th Feb at Quantum Victoria.

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