Ed Tech Crew 168 - Google+, Games Boot Camp and another day

Podcast number 168 - August 2nd, 2011.

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News and websites

NCSS http://challenge.ncss.edu.au/
The Arduino http://www.arduino.cc

Browser behaviour and tracking tool via @Brendano http://collusion.toolness.org

Also another interesting tool is http://www.ghostery.com/download

80 students suspended

High-Wire Act: Cyber-Safety and the YoungOn Monday 20 June 2011, the Joint Select Committee on Cyber-Safety tabled its report on the Inquiry into Cyber-Safety

Newspaper link:Teachers lack power to punish cyber bullies

G+ on iOS
http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/google/id447119634?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 via @camlockie

Tony’s Extras

AAMT-MERGA ConferenceLinks:

Video Channel: http://vimeo.com/channels/219986

Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Video:
http://vimeo.com/26846687 (we need to start a movement with this idea)

Technology in the Tropics - Cairns ICT with Association
Site: http://www.learningplace.com.au/events/event.asp?pid=46943&calid=10171
Tony’s Presentation Links: http://goo.gl/4WMMd

Games Boot Camp - Andrew Owen - and interview at the end of the podcast about this great event. http://infotech.monash.edu/promotion/games-boot-camp/2011/

TEDxMelbourne Event - On Games and Innovation

Steve Keil: A manifesto for play

John Hunter TED Talk: http://www.ted.com/talks/john_hunter_on_the_world_peace_game.html

Check out the World Peace Game site: http://theworldpeacegame.com/

Then we had Paul Callaghan talk  - no video at the moment: http://tedxmelbourne.com/speakers-performers/
Next TEDx event in Melbourne is planned for 7th October

SLAV PD Event: The Game Changer - Dr Joyce Valenza
This is from the Twitter stream from the event - some amazing resources: http://topsy.com/s?type=tweet&q=%23slavconf11
Some to look out for:





Google+ - Current State of Play and Resources

Interesting Ways for Google+ from our friend Tom Barrett

Google+ Hangouts http://gphangouts.com/

One List of Educators using Google+ (from Shelly Terrell)

Submit your details here: http://goo.gl/jByRl

Google+ Resources and the future of Sharing (interesting read)

Google+ for Educators - LiveBinders

Women of Google+ (Thanks to Roland G)

If you don’t yet have access to Goolge+ - but you listen to the Ed Tech Crew then shoot either tony or Darrel  (Tony@itmadesimple.com) an email or tweet @itmadesimple @ictguy and we will get one organised for you.

Feedback from listeners:

From Shane RobertsGraphViz http://www.graphviz.org/
Check out the Gallery and the About page

Spotlight With the Census (Australian) coming up check out this great site about these details:
Great to watch and work with students about the importance of these activities. How many will do it online this year? Submitted by Kathleen Morris

From John PearceTildee - building a howto in steps http://www.tildee.com/

Bloomin iPad http://kathyschrock.net/ipadblooms/
iPad resources and apps based around Blloms Taxonomy

More on Searching from out recent podcasts:
Google - What do you love http://www.wdyl.com/

Also from the Joyce Valenza Session:
SortFix http://www.sortfix.com/
Great for large screen technologies to build search skills

iPad apps and resources for Autism  http://goo.gl/CkcCl

CloudCanvas http://www.cloud-canvas.com/index.php/
Cloud Canvas is a free online image editing and image creation tool.From Rhondda Powling

Knovio http://www.knovio.com/
Turning PowerPoint slides into rich video presentationsThanks to Ian Guest


Macquarie University - Games for change 30th September

VITTA Conference - August 29th & 30th http://www.vitta.org.au/conferenceinfo

EdmodoCon2011: Wednesday August 11th (Aug 12th Australia)

Job Position: A position is available for Executive office at SLAV - more details here: http://www.slav.schools.net.au/downloads/01home/ExecOfficer.pdf

Future podcast:
We are going to have another podcast about podcasts we like - so we would love you to share your favourite podcasts with us - via email, skype, google groups, google plus and twitter. Or create a 30 second audio boo on your favourtie podcast and why?
You will need to record your boo and then publish it - grab the URL - and email it to us at edtechcrew@gmail.com or tweet the link to us at @edtechcrew

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