Ed Tech Crew 16 - Matt Skoss, ICT application and more Google

Podcast number 16 September 5th 2007.
[EDTECHCREW016.mp3 Running time: 55:04 mins, size: 25.2 MB]


Download it here!

Guest Crew Member - Matt Skoss - Mathematics and ICT specialist - futurist and educational leader

You might just hear the Ghan train in the background:-

Sterling East Primary School - ICT Mac school
Assistant Principal: Chris Bennie http://www.stireastps.sa.edu.au

NASA images

Podcast - ABC Ed pod - Schools for the 21st Century - David Loader http://www.abc.net.au/rn/edpod/stories/2007/2000292.htm

Yahoo's teacher social network

Google's Easter Egg
http://mashable.com/2007/08/31/google-earth-flight-simulator/ http://marco-za.blogspot.com/2007/08/google-earth-flight-simulator.html

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