Ed Tech Crew 147 - Christmas ‘In World’ Special & Year in Review

Podcast number 147 - Dec 17th, 2010

[Running time: 58:36 mins, size: 53.6 MB]


Download it here!

The 'In World' Podcast was recorded live online and can be viewed fully here: http://goo.gl/hkn3G

Lucy Barrow's links to the 'in world'  school projects and how to build:

Erik Nauman’s work at Hewitt School, New York
@openblackboard on twitter
Be sure to visit Erik’s blog too at http://metatek.blogspot.com/

MacICT Project, Sydney

Steve Collis and the Northern Beaches Christian School Virtual Worlds Project

Ballarat Grammar’s OpenSim Project

Download Scratch 4 OpenSim at

Download the “lineSegment” script that you will need to add to your objects along with your Scratch Script

Let’s Start Building – a series of great little projects to get you started with building in Second Life or OpenSim

In World Guests

Lucy Barrow

Year in review! Some of the things we covered and looked at:

1.Do you remember what “Asperatus” was?

2. iPad

3. Filtering

4. Ultranet

5. YouTube Safe Mode

6. 1:1 Law Suit in the US - Spying Laptops

7. Cyber Safety

8. The “Ed Tech Crew” world was introduced to “Weaponised Email” & “Bog of Inefficiency” and just this week I came across “Ransom Ware”

9. ICT Innovation Fund -$40 million

10. National Curriculum - the Australian Curriculum

11. Merspi.com

12. Twitter

13. Robot teachers

14. NBN - Australian National Broadband (Where is it?)

15. Did we mention the iPad

16. DeathStar Canteen

17. Our School libraries needed help

18. ACEC2010

19. 'Other Podcasts'   episode in April was a bit hit... will do that again next year

20. Horizon report

21. Music mayhem and links with Katie (again out of our comfort zone but such a great episode)

22. Facebook Privacy


24. Lots of links - I think at last count we have covered 578 links - 320 twitter mentions

25. Not sure if there was anything that google has not done this year?

26. We had PLAN B? And the mysterious Twitter Department user that only tweets in the good times

27. "Brettanomyces"

28. Mentioned 213 videos

29. Web2.0 Suicide

30. Talked with some great classroom teachers and bloggers

31. Virtual worlds - again a step into the unknown for the show

32 iPad (again)

33. Meeting, communicating and just learning from our listeners and the wider Ed Tech community.

Thanks to all our Guests:

Lucy Barrow

Dean Groom

Henrietta Miller

Katherine Morris

Mark Fox

Adam Brice

Brendan O’Brien

Andrew Owen

Andrew Douch

Shane Roberts

Ashley Proud

James Spittal

Steve Collis

Adrian Camm

John Pearce

Helen Otway

Anne Baird

Katie Wardrobe

Krystie Alleaume

Mark Richardson

Jenny Ashby

Eric Rosenbaum

Mary Manning

Thanks to our Contributors:

Roland Gesthuizen

Clay Leben

Shelly Terrel

Darren Murphy

Wes Kriesel

Eric Marcos

John Pearce

Andrew Jepperson

Dianne Rees

Sue Tapp

Ian Guest




Mark Richardson

Andrew Williamson


heather carver

adrian bruce

Marita Thomson

Clare Rafferty

Rhonda Powling

Andrew Sartori

Shane Roberts

Jane Hart

Andrew Churches

Beth Ehrlich

Jo Mcleay

Rob Rankin

Shephen Heppel

Adam Brice

Teresa Rush

Camilla Elliot

Marc Blanks

Glenn Macmahon

Anne Murchison

Chris Rogers

Tom March

Lois Smethurst

Wayne Eglington

Narissa Leung

Gary Flake

Simon Collier

Richard Olsen


Mark Pilson

Thanks to all our listeners each and every one.........


Great video to end the show with - Zeitgeist 2010: Year in Review

Final News

The website and show is going to go through a few changes to mix up what we do....something to look forward too in 2011.
Thanks to all our listeners and we will see you all in Feb 2011 :)

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