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Podcast number 123 - April 26th 2010

[Running time: 1:06:23 mins, size: 58.4 MB]

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General topics of interest & In the News week

Ning, Ning, Ning
Looks good as an alternative - http://spruz.com/

mTouch Moodle App
Native IPhone app for Moodle is on the AppStore and ready for sale from $2.99 USD.

Request from Andrew Williamson - Discuss our top 5 podcasts!

Tony's Top 5 Podcasts (actually Top 7)
Darrel's Top Podcasts
Ed Tech Community
Not very active but worthwhile

Specialist content

  • Mathtrain.tv - Mr. Marcos and his Lincoln Middle School Students
  • Learning in Hand: Podcasts from iPod touch - Tony Vincent
  • TILT - Teachers Improving Learning with Technology - Tech screencasts from Danny Maas.
  • Teaching with SmartBoard - Dave Sladkey and Scott Miller
  • Technology Integration - Titles - The George Lucas Educational Foundation - videos about the changing nature of education.
  • TED Talks - Brilliant content but I gave up!! Too much good stuff going on here! http://www.ted.com
  • 2009 K-12 Online Conference Audio Podcast Channel http://k12onlineconference.org/

Recreational and Other Tech stuff

  • TWIT Network with Leo Laporte http://www.twit.tv/
    • This Week in Tech, This week in Google, MacBreak Weekly, Windows Weekly, All time favourite is FLOSS Weekly - Open source interviews.
  • Maccast - Adam Christianson (Mac Geek) http://maccast.com/
  • Shot of JAQ - Language warning - two brits talking about open computing and issues from the community. http://shotofjaq.org/
  • Drupal Podcasts - Mustard Seed media podcast, Be Circle, Drupal Easy, Lullabots Drupal podcast.


Listener Podcast Feedback Educational:
Listener Podcast Feedback Entertainment:
We loved this quote from one of our respondents:
"Buying an iPod touch lead me to podcasts and broadened my personal learning network like never before. I can directly attribute my re-engagement with teaching to the discovery of people with similar pedagogy and interests in education as my own via such podcasts."

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