Ed Tech Crew 111 - Tech Trends for 2010

Podcast number 111 - December 16th 2009

[EDTECHCREW111.mp3 Running time: 47:13 hour, size: 46.3 MB]

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End of year wrap up ....
Best tech moment?
Tony - The development of the e-book reader. Release of Windows 7 - where Microsoft should be.
Darrel - HTML 5.  Great mobile devices - iphones, ipod touch, up and coming Android handsets.
Worst tech moment?
Tony - No camera in the iPod Touch
Darrel - No ZFS in the Mac OS X. Terrible 3g data plans.
Two best websites?
Tony - too may to name!
Darrel - http://etherpad.com & http://www.diigo.com/education & Google docs (especially forms for collecting information)
Gadget/tech for Christmas
Tony - Wacom - Bamboo touch. Would like a Kindle - but will not have one.
Darrel - Android - Motorola Droid phone in Australia.  Some sort of PVR - tivo, networked hard drive or build my own with XMBC.
Looking forward ....
  • Trends for 2010 - what do you think will be the big developments in 2010
  • e-books - greater application!
  • netbooks roll on.
  • Small laptops, much more technology rich classrooms.
  • Many schools exploring other devices ipods, phones, DS's, kudo for xboxes, etc
  • Tablet Mac ?!?! Will this rumour ever end?
  • Schools having to deal with personal technology products in schools - issues associated with these devices http://www.theage.com.au/technology/technology-news/phone-camera-rules-needed-to-protect-teachers-20091128-jxvz.html
  • Also the ability to more personalise the learning and match with students a vast range of resources to suit their needs.
  • More data applications - more web services and cloud computing
  • Cisco - going from internet plumber to social facilitator
  • Video/web conferencing
Horizon report
General topics of interest & In the News week
Hi Tech Movies - $400 million of special effects!
Google News

Back Google Docs

Chrome Beta for Mac

https://chrome.google.com/extensions/ - extension not yet working for mac. Windows ok.

Children who use technology are better writers
Google DNS

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