Ed Tech Crew 194 - Footy, Code, Viruses and a Whole Lot More

Podcast number 194 - April 11th, 2012.
[Running time: 37:28 mins, size: 25.8 MB]

Links and News

Jquery mobile RSS reader - very kewl - use the YQL - http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/javascript-ajax/how-to-build-an-rss-re...
Codeacademy now has a html course up http://www.codecademy.com/courses/html-one-o-one  Great for students to get started!
Be part of our upcoming Draft Technologies curriculum show on April 30th where we will discuss the new Technologies Draft Curriculum statements - http://www.acara.edu.au/curriculum/technologies.html
Mac Virus
DNSChanger - check your computer - http://www.dns-ok.gov.au/
April Fools Video’s
Assassins Creed to Kinect - http://goo.gl/6lMYL

Feedback from listeners:

Andrew Williamson - Rethinking Reading: An Essay in Support of Teachers
John Pearce - Ipad Digital Citizenship
Stich It
Students in charge of tech support
Russell Ogden - E = Angry Birds2: Students gaming for physics
Clay Leben - Charting / Diagram Tool
Shane Roberts - History Time Maps
Ian Guest & Roland Gesthuizen - Why ICT should still be taught in schools and a way to do it properly
Ian Guest
Twitter: How to archive event hashtags and create an interactive visualization of the conversation


TeachMeet Melbourne - 13th April 2012
ICTEV Conference - 26th May (200th Ed Tech crew Episode - planning for drinks after the event to celebrate)


Hi Crew,

Great news on the sandwich! Thanks to Tony, Jess & Andrew. I won't be surprised if we get a few protests, I don't think mine was the Black Caviar of the sandwich world but I guess on the day it got me over the line!

On another issue, did you catch up that the Dept is rolling out MacBook Pro's to the next round of recipients? Great! People like me bought their own while Leith who I sit next to is now paying the same amount for the old MacBook as the latest recipients are for their MacBook Pro. A complete fiasco!!

Keep up the good work (I'm a couple of episodes behind but looking forward to catching up)

Hi Russell,

Be great to hear your thoughts on the Sifteo - and as for the sandwich they were all great very hard to choose.

Interesting comment about the laptops - schools are facing the same situation and some IT people I know are waiting to see if students start to damage their MacBooks so that they get a replacement MacBook Pro. Not that I would suggest any teachers take that step, it would be interesting to see the level of reported damaged laptops in the next few months and if there is a sudden spike.
I think DEECD did a very poor job handling the recent teacher laptop process especially around Apple products, teachers should be able to have a fair and equitable choice.

Thanks for listening and for sending in your links.

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