Ed Tech Crew 227 - Tony's back in town!

Podcast number 227, 3rd June - 2013.

[Running time: 1:02:20 mins, size: 43 MB]

World Scratch Day 
Ed Tech Crew Magazine - http://goo.gl/imu6r 
Read a nice article on Edusurge by Mitchel Resnick - Learn To Code, Code To Learn
Google IO - New education store.
Coding Tools Explosion
Youtube perhaps?
From Darren Murphy
What's happening?
Snazzie Simplistic Graphics
Shane Pilkie @shanepilkie posted this link on twitter to this graphic: http://www.educatorstechnology.com/2013/05/awesome-graphic-featuring-12-...
Planet Money - Podcast
Episode 460 - It hard to do good
NBN Comparison
Mark Pilson - @pilsward

News & General Websites of interest:

Xbox 1 - 
Check this out - Google+ Images  (only works if you have images up on Google+)
Teens, Social Media, and Privacy - Pew Internet
Mashable Video on Teens Facebook use changing: http://mashable.com/2013/05/22/teen-pew-study-social-media/
Happy Birthday Wordpress
A worry .. from Darren Murphy
Isle of Tune
AppBuilder via Roland
OneToday - Camilla Elliot

Apps & Software:

Tynker - follow up on programming discussion last week.
Azul Media Player $4.19
Google Hang Outs on iOS
What the Internet is doing to our brains
A video about Cicada’s


I find this old adage really appropriate with the podcast at the moment. I loved it when you guys managed every week but I sort of took it for granted .. sometimes I didn't listen for a week or so and if I missed the odd one it wasn't the end of the world .. but now!!!!! Will they?? .. Won't they?? ... is something wrong?? what will I do if they stop making them???!!! Watching the Podcast App each morning first thing like a seafarer's wife scanning the horizon!! A new one brushes aside those NPR "fancy pants" as I put my shoes on with relish, eagerly anticipating a (cold!) walk around Ashfield Park with two great guys!! Keep up the good work!!

tony's picture

Mick, Thanks for those words. Amazing how things have become a little busier which has changed out ability to get  a podcast out each week. We just love the feedback and connections with people like you and that keeps us going.

Will continue to do our best to make your walk a little warmer and entertaining.


The Crew

hi boys - thanks, another informative podcast. i'm interested to keep following Darrell's challenge with the tech refresh - especially the parent survey and the 'work flow' from there.

tony's picture

Wayne,  I think we are all interested in the process and work Darrel is doing. Sometimes sounds like he is having too much fun and at other times banging head against the wall.


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