Ed Tech Crew 221 - Soaring with Eagles

Podcast number 221 - March 23rd  2013.

[Running time: 58:09 mins, size: 40.1 MB]

News & General Websites of interest:

Google Getting rid of Google Reader: Is this the end of RSS?
An Alternative 
Petition to Keep Google Reader going
More news on Reddit
Wallwisher has changed its name to Padlet - you can also print your walls.
Skype Announces Free Group Video Calling for Teachers (About Time)
The levelling Up continues - Brette Lockyer's Yr 3 class

Feedback from listeners:

Simon Crook  - First journal paper towards his PhD thesis.
'Seeing eye-to-eye on ICT: Science student and teacher perceptions'
Heath Mitchell  - 
Berkley Logo books are for free for personal use
StormBoard - Organisation, Brainstorming and Collaboration (Russell Odgen)
Why Minecraft is an Amazing Learning Tool (Rhonda Powling)
Songdrop - Shelly Terrell
Google Announces 'Google Capture' for Hangouts (Ronda Powling)
30 Incredible Ways Technology Will Change Education By 2028
Tweens and their in-betweens (Andrew Williamson)
Numberphile (Ashley Proud)
More Twitter Analysis:
Twitter users forming tribes with own language, tweet analysis shows (Rhonha Powling)
Learning Theories (Ian Guest)
- Good to see the sources at the bottom but where are the peer reviewed journals - should we question these more and require more rigour in the creation of these? Have been asking students this question.
Coggle (Ian Guest)
We Inspire Futures (Shelley Terrel)
Indoor Google Maps (Roland Guesthouzien)
3D Printing How long till the Revolution (John Pearse)
Lego Story Starter
Hands-on with LEGO StoryStarter
How To Create An App Library (Rhonda Powling)
What Happens When Kids Craft Their Own BYOD Policy? (John pearce)
Google Keep
BioShock Infinity
SimCity - Latest Release
SimCity Edu
Via Darren Murphy
And Darren himself … Google Apps, Moodle and ePortfolios


World Scratch Day - Saturday May 18th


You're right Tony. There are some aspects of that infographic that ought to be addressed, not least the veracity of the contents. And as for the sources cited, yep, with you all the way. But peer-reviewed journals? Hmm, not so sure.
Here are a few thoughts:

tony's picture

Hey Ian,

Thanks for the feedback and the consideration about the dodgy infographic. Interesting point you make about the idea of peer review and who actually would do this. I have been planning and building for a while some ideas around the porcess of validating people online and building a social reputation structure based on other people. This has got me thinking even more - thanks for the time and effort.


Tony (for the Crew)

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