Ed Tech Crew 200 - ICTEV 2012

Ed Tech Crew episode recorded at the ICTEV conference in Melbourne, AUstralia on May 26th.

We have a great interview with both conference keynotes - starting out with Alan November and ending Stephen Heppell, so make sure you listen to the end.

In the middle we have some great conversations with conference delegates about a whole range of subjects including augmented reality apps for the ipad, creating mobile apps, homebrew electronics with microwaves and a whole lot more.

Conference Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/26541304@N08/sets/72157629915513746/

Conference video: http://www.youtube.com/user/ICTEV

Ed Tech Crew 199 - The episode that almost never was

Ed Tech Crew 199 finds us discussing issues around student use of Facebook and the reactionary policy decisions of some schools. We get all enthusiastic about the ICTEV conference but Tony has his eyes on the bigger, upcoming UlLearn conference in New Zealand. We also highlight some of the DEECD award winners that we know through the show and try to work out how to spend their prize money! Lastly, there's lots of great listener feedback and also a new hardware device that we are both pretty buzzed about. 

This episode was recorded using Google+ Hangout - we had a few issues so Tony sounds like he is in a fish tank under water - sorry about that.

Ed Tech Crew 198 - Metacogitating with Tony

Darrel and Tony give Google+ Hangouts a go with the new streaming feature "Air". Not sure we have the heads for live broadcasts but it was a great experience and we learnt a whole heap about the tool and creating a worth while experience. We will keep doing these to explore this new medium of video; who would have thought. You can check out the video from the Hangout here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m15AB0pX-l4
As always we explore some great links and resources that our listeners have submitted, some of the highlights include mullet mathematics (not to be missed) and the newly released SeeMe site. 
We have a special request to our followers - our 200th episode is fast approaching and we would love your thoughts on ICT in education, podcasts and the Ed Tech Crew. Please go to our SpeakPipe site and leave us a quick message: https://www.speakpipe.com/edtechcrew

Ed Tech Crew 197 - Darrel Unplugged

This week Tony and Darrel go flat out talking about Tony's recent experiences when working with schools and his discoveries about iOS penetration in schools. Darrel talks about cutting the iTunes cord and what some of the alteranatives are. Other subjects include the new Google Drive, the new Ted Ed site and lots of great sites from listeners.

Ed Tech Crew 196 - Australian Technologies Draft Curriculum

This week we conduct a Google Hangout to discuss the Australian Technologies Draft Curriculum. We are joined by Jason Zagami, Rachael Bath, Tony Brandenburg and Brendan O’Brien.

Ed Tech Crew 195 - The Fisherman's Friend

This week the Ed Tech Crew discuss what they have been reading (Netsmart)  and listening to (The Hunger Games). Tony wants to talk fishing, weather, and life in the NT but Darrel eventually steers him back to the OLPC project, some listener feedback, and some great games and game creation software. Lastly, Tony shares some links about augmented reality for magicians and the new Google project called "Project Glass".

Ed Tech Crew 194 - Footy, Code, Viruses and a Whole Lot More

This weeks episode looks at the recent developments with Instragram, April Fools tricks and videos as well as a range of interesting links and resources from our listeners. We also put out a call for participants for an upcoming group chat around the Australian Draft Technologies Curriculum.

Ed Tech Crew 193 - Stalking Tony

Podcast number 193 - March 29th, 2012.

In this episode we cover a number of links and resources. Darrel also shares his new website and what he has been working on. We learn the art of stalking via Twitter and how to manage those iOS devices.

Ed Tech Crew 192 - Blessed are the Cheesemakers

Podcast number 192 - March 19th, 2012.

This week - Learnable, TeachMeet Sydney, iPad3, Google Play, Appinventor, Apache Helicopters (Yes - Apache Helicopters!), Fairy Tales and much, much more!


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