Ed Tech Crew 220 - Lets eat the Elephant one byte at a time

The Levelling up continues as Darrel strives to make sense of some Google Apps terminlogy and work practices. He is also on the look out for good iPad apps for preps! Tony gives us the good, the good and good from MOTM13! Then the debate and conversation turns to neutral BOYD lessons, lists of 21st century teacher skills and how to eat an elephant one bite at a time! Amongst the banter are some great sites from the Ed Tech Crew diigo group. 

Ed Tech Crew 219 - Communal Bathrooms

This week Tony gears up for MOTM 13. Darrel gets some good feedback on Levelling Up and how to solve his podcast issues. Other topics include Telstra shaping P2P ADSL networks, the rate of drop outs in MOOC's and many interesting websites from listeners. Tony also has an interesting interview with year 6 student Sam who attended MineCon in Paris.

Ed Tech Crew 218 - Admiral Branson Levels Up

The Ed Tech Crew are back for 2013! In our first episode for the year Darrel talks about his apporach to staff development and goes on to outline some nautical themes in regard to open source software. Tony talks about some online courses he is involved in and goes in hard on the Windows Surface as a great device for education. Lots of good links and discussion as well.

Ed Tech Crew 217 - End of Year Hangout

The End of Year Hangout!

A great list of educators joined us in a Google Hangout for the end of year wrap-up. We discuss what happened this year and what we are looking forward to next year. Some really interesting discussions from educators all over - enjoy! And we'll see you all in 2013.

The Ed Tech Crew (Darrel Branson and Tony Richards)

Ed Tech Crew 216 - Nexus 7 finally arrives

This week the Darrel shares is his experiences about the long awaited Nexus 7 and Tony shares all of his resources from the Cyber Safety Days he has been doing with schools. Then it's onto some great contributed websites from listeners about tools, video sharing, links lists, web games, apps and plenty more. And lastly we discuss why your password just isn't good enough anyone!

Ed Tech Crew 215 - Flat Classrooms with Julie Lindsay

This week we catch up for an interview with Julie Lindsay and discuss Flat Classroom projects. We discuss Julie's journey in education, her work with International Schools, global collaborative projects and of course, the Flat Classroom Project - What is it? How it came about and where is it headed? A really interesting interview that also discusses skills and aptitudes needed for learning in the 21st century and a whole lot more! Enjoy :)

Episode 214 - Meeting of the Minds 2013

In this episode we chat with the organisers of the Meeting of the Minds unconference - exlore the ideas for next years event and what people can look out for.

Episode 213 - It's not the power tool it once was!

This week we cover all the latest tech news and hardware that has been released as well as covering a few links and resources and a couple of videos. Darrel is hanging out for the next Google event and Tony is just looking forward to the big things (Assassin's Creed III).

Episode 212 - This is not a warm up!

Tony finally returns from overseas and Darrel is finished holidaying! So this week we catch up for a big chat about the Google Apps for Education Summit and the ULearn conference, both held in New Zealand over the past few weeks. Lots of great resources and links from both events.

Ed Tech Crew 211 - Interview with James Vaughan creator of Plague Inc

This week we have a wonderful discussion with James Vaughan, creator of Plague Inc - a fasinating game for iOS (and soon for Android!) We discuss app development, the genesis of the Plague Inc game and the game mechanics behind it, global collaboration, games new and old, and a whole lot more!


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