Ed Tech Crew 225 - Psychopedagogy

Podcast number 225 - 6th May  2013.

[Running time: 45:52 mins, size: 31.6 MB]

Enchanting - Scratch & Robotics http://enchanting.robotclub.ab.ca/tiki-index.php
Don’t Forget the Ed Tech Crew Flip Magazine - http://goo.gl/imu6r

News & General Websites of interest:

What is a Psychopedagogist? Maybe http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychopedagogy
Tech Savvy kids can’t push a pencil
For all our twitter friends - outrage graph
Who has your back - protect your privacy
NZ - Online exams accessible when needed
Television and Video Games Don't Create Maladjusted Children - UK Study
Check this out - Generated Paper

Feedback from listeners:

Darren Murphy - Big Box!
Group Tweet - John Pearse
Creating Narrated PowerPoint with Jing - Russel Ogden
AppArchitect - Jarrod Robinson
Everslide -  Rhondda Powling 
Video Notes
12 years in the making: Professor John Traxler’s big four mLearning certainties - Ian Guest
Major Players in the MOOC Universe - Ian Quartermaine


@pluggedportable: Minecraft used to build historial settlement. http://t.co/olbi1QYgNW
News Anchor Major Fail - Explicit Language used

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