Ed Tech Crew 158 - Google Teacher Academy Sydney 2011

Podcast number 158 - May 1st, 2011

[Running time: 1:40:14 mins, size:  86.6 MB]

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Links and Resources from GTA Sydney 2011

Event was hosted and lead by

Sessions were presented around a range of Google tools:

During the day we were presented with examples of applications and ideas around the use of Google tools in education called “Inspiring Ideas”

We also had the opportunity to listen to and provide feedback around a few Google tools from the following Google employees:

The following are a range of reflections from those that attended the GTA in Sydney 2011:

Media on the Event:

Resources discussed on the podcast and others relating to GTA:

Interview Participants

Casandra Workman
Classroom Teacher - Centennial High School
Twitter: @workmanworld

Lisa Perze
Area Library Coordinator at Chicago Public Schools Department of Libraries
Twitter: @leperez1

Michael Beilharz
ICT Specialist / EdTech Specialist - Knox Grammar
Twitter: @MikalB

Philip Hogg
eLearning Coordinator - St Patrick's College Sutherland
Twitter: @pehogg

Andrew Williamson
Classroom teacher and Music Specialist - North Fitzroy Primary School
Twitter: @willie42

François Jourde
Classroom Teacher - European School (EU institutions)
Twitter: @francoisjourde

Boris Yarmakhov
Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogic University
Twitter: @yarmakhov

Joe Donahue
Santa Ynez School in Santa Ynez, CA
Blog: http://syes.edublogs.org/
Twitter: @jdonahue805

Glenda Baker
American School in Japan
Blog: http://glendabaker.net/blog/
Twitter: @glendab

Lisa Thurman
GTA Leader - Lisa Thumann
Twitter: @lthumann

Glenda Morris
Our Lady of Mercy College
Blog: http://www.groovylibrarian.edublogs.org/
Twitter: @jasmont1

Corrie Barclay
Manor Lakes P-12 College
Blog: http://teachwithtech.global2.vic.edu.au/
Twitter: @CorrieB

Wendy Gorton
GTA Leader - Wendy Gorton
Twitter: @wendygorton

Dorothy Burt
New Zealand
Twitter: @dorothyjburt

Danny Silva
GTA Leader - Danny Silva
Podcaster: Podcast
Twitter: @iteachag

Kern Kelly
GTA Leader - Kern Kelly
Website: KernKelly
Twitter: @kernkelley





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