Ed Tech Crew 230 - Interview with Simeon from TwoLivesLeft

This week Tony and Darrel catch up for a good chin-wag about Edmodo and Showbie as LMS type environments for ipads. We talk about big developments from Google with Chromecast and the new Nexus 7 as well covering a wide range of other topics. But the big part of this epiosde is interview with Simeon Saëns who is one of the team from Two Live Left  and the creator of Cargo-bot for iOS and one of the minds behind Codea which is a full programming app for the ipad.

Ed Tech Crew 229 - The Artist Formerly Known as CEGSA - Part 2

More great interviews from the CEGSA Conference in South Australia. Including Instagram in the classroom, Scootle communities, CEGSA Educator of the year and Greenfoot for game creation.

Ed Tech Crew 228 - CEGSA Conference 2013 (EdTechSA)

This week we take a road trip to Adelaide in South Australia to attend the CEGSA (Computers in Education Group South Australia) Conference. We get to meet the organisers, interview the attendees and the presenters, meet lots of new people and talk about Educationaly Technology for two whole days. This is the first of a series of interviews we recorded.

Ed Tech Crew 227 - Tony's back in town!

After a couple of weeks trying to please the audio gods we get the chance to have a chat. Tony has had some serendipitous expereinces and a bit of travel. Darrel has been pushing the coding boundries with his teachers and students. All in all another good conversation about ICT in education and lots more. 

Ed Tech Crew 226 - Doing our Homework

Another week in which Google dominates the list of links, feedback and the headlines. We discuss, Google Drive, Google Storage, Google Chrome Extensions, Google Glass and Google Maps! Both of us are amazed at what can be acheived in the broswer on a modern PC! Darrel shares lots of iPad apps for programming and problem solving and we take a look at a few funny videos as well.

Ed Tech Crew 225 - Psychopedagogy

In this episode we catch up on the interweb and the articles and resources being produced on a daily basis. Darrel meets a new mate on twitter who is a Psychopedagogist, yes that's right a psycho - pedagogist. Darrel had to look up what this was but did he do enough checking or was he duped into a false definition? Tony tells us another story that is not really related to ICT but he thought it was funny enough for the show. As always we have a heap of great links and resources from our amazing listeners.

Ed Tech Crew 224 - We've seen the Future

This week Tony and Darrel explore the world of glass - Google Glass that is! We discuss privacy & health concerns, attention spans and a whole range of related topics. On other matters, Tony starts digging into peer to peer cloud technolgies and Darrel discovers numberphile (for the second time!) Lots of great links from listeners as well - Enjoy.

Ed Tech Crew 223 - Immersion with Tony

This week Tony gives us a big update on his travels to Sydney. Darrel gets a visit from Rachel Bath and talks about his online Scratch course.  Then Tony and Darrel give the coaltion NBN plan a real workover! As well as lots of great links and listener feedback.

Ed Tech Crew 222 - The Richie

Episode 2, 2, 2 and Tony decides to play around with some Australian cricketing legends and comedians on the podcast! Darrel talks about his new online Scratch course and Tony fills us in on his latest game playing over Easter. Throw in some April Fool's jokes and some good websites for another interesting edition of the Ed Tech Crew.

Ed Tech Crew 221 - Soaring with Eagles

A great catch up this week after Tony has been all round the country for the last two weeks. Topics include the Google Reader shutdown, some more 'Levelling Up', why Tony is not big on infographics and we discuss student created BYOD policies. Also lots of great websites from listeners. Enjoy!


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